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Zs2 TechProducts

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TechBoard is the most advanced sheathing product on the market today. 

  • Zero Flame Spread

  • Non-combustible

  • Anti-Mold

  • Low carbon footprint

  • Impact Resistant

  • Water Resistant

  • Flexible

  • Light

  • Strong

  • Insulated

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3/4" Floor Decking

S3A3585-2048x1366 (1).jpg

1/2" Sheathing
Wall & Roof


Wide Range of Uses

TechBoard can be used as a stand-alone high-performance sheathing for interiors and exteriors. TechBoards can be finished with a variety of coatings and materials such as water/vapour barrier, clad and paint. TechBoard also makes an excellent substrate to handle tiles, wallpaper or other interior finishes.

  • Fire-rated walls

  • Ceilings

  • Subflooring

  • Tile backerboard

  • Clean Rooms

  • Food processing facilities

  • Basements

  • Marine applications

  • Growhouses


The Best Building Envelope!


Complete Building System
TechPanel’s are a premanufactured, customer designed, sustainable building system to create a fully enclosed, highly efficient building envelope.


Why TechPanels?

  • 65% reduction in construction time

  • 55% reduction in on-site labour

  • > 70% reduction in CO2

  • Reduction in operating costs

  • 40% reduction in landfill waste

  • > 35% less energy to heat and cool

  • 80% reduction in transport costs

  • ZERO loss of structural integrity during floods or fire

  • Exceeds the most stringent hurricane testing standards

  • Impervious to mold

  • Significant reduction in remediation costs

Building Shell

Zs2 Foundation.png

Faster Foundations

US Soccer Field House Interior.png

Jumbo TechPanels

TechPanel Tall Wall

TechPanel Tall Wall

TechPanel TW are an elevated, fully comprehensive, prefabricated building system that creates a fully enclosed building envelope. The TechPanelTW system is the perfect solution for commercial, industrial and agricultural buildings

  • Why Build with Tall Wall SIPs?
    • Wall heights up to 48’
    • 100’+ clear spans available
    • Noncombustible free standing preengineered
    Tall Wall Solution
    • Tight insulation fit around studs
    eliminates risk of condensation
    • Highly efficient building envelope
    • Wide variety of optional exterior finishes
    • Wall R-Value Starting at R38
    • Roof R-Values Starting at R45


A bright future for a dirty industry


Brick production is one of the highest air polluting industries. But it doesn’t have to be. TechBrick is a sustainable alternative:

  • Made from quartz sand and polymer resin making it super light weight

  • It's flexible and thin making it easy to work with and customize for unique projects

  • Less than half the cost of traditional brick and very fast to install

  • Significantly reduced carbon footprint



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