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PolyRoof  /  ReveCork  /  Zeramic Extreme  /  NanoTile


Protec FW-25 is a flexible polyester hybrid resin coating system. Manufactured in the United Kingdom, the liquid-applied roofing provides a cost-effective solution for flat roof restoration or new construction. With no heat or intensive labor required, you can enjoy a roofing system that's easy to apply, dries fast, thanks to its RapidCure technology, and has a 25-year warranty.

  • 100% Waterproof

  • Dries fast, walkable in  30-60 minutes

  • Seamless protection between roof details

  • waterproof vertical angles

  • Can be applied in cold weather down to 34℉

Restore any flat installation roof:

Bitumen, TPO, Decking, Cement, Asphalt, BUR, PVC and any other roof coatings


Thermal Insulating Waterproof Coatings

Exterior Application

ReveCork line is a thermal and acoustic-insulating coating made from natural vaporized cork particles. It's also manufactured with UV-resistant, elastic, breathable, and waterproof properties. ReveCork can be applied on both vertical and horizontal surfaces, including interior/exterior walls and pools. Withstands a wide range of climates, including extreme heat and cold, as well as marine environments with seawater and sea spray.


ReveCork also reduces energy costs by up to 35%


ReveCork provides acoustic insulation in both interior or exterior applications. It reduces airborne and impact noises, including vibrations, echoing, and reverberations.


Has an elasticity of more than 500%. Cracks up to 2 mm can be stippled and covered. In addition, ReveCork withstands the dilations and contractions in a variety of surfaces, including metal and cementitious.

ReveCork can successfully be applied to a wide-range of difference surfaces, including metal (aluminum, iron, steel, etc.), glass, brick & stone, stucco, and more. It can also be applied over old paints and coatings.


See firsthand how our cork coatings beat the heat! On the left, our Revecork coating has been applied, and on the right, the slate has been left blank.

MicroCork Floor Example.png

Interior Coatings

Thermal & Acoustic

Walls - Ceilings - Floors

Interior Applications

Interior Wall & Ceilings:

ReveCork with fine grain cork is a light textured finish perfect for interior walls and ceilings.  ReveCork is anti-condensation, reduces thermal bridging, has no cracking, is shock resistant, low VOC and absorbs CO2.  It comes in any color just like paint.

MicroCork Flooring:

Provides a non-slip surface, making it the perfect solution for home, office, gyms, pools, and more! Made from cork, this floor coating is environmentally friendly, offers thermal and acoustic insulation, and provides a seamless finish that’s resistant to algae, fungi, mold, and bacteria. With an elasticity of 500%, MicroCork coating both repairs and prevents future cracking. Designed to withstand all elements, MicroCork is your solution to a long-lasting, eco-friendly, and multi-use floor coating.


ReveCork also reduces energy costs by up to 35%

Nano Roof Tiles

The patented Nano Tile Roofing System is built to last. Virtually indestructible, it can withstand hurricane-strength winds and extreme weather conditions.


Weighing 7X less than clay tile and costing less than half the amount, Nano Tile Roof is revolutionizing luxury roofing. Home and property owners no longer have to pay the steep price to achieve the clay-style look. And even better, our roofing system is MORE durable.




Wind Resistant


Maintenance Free

Hidden screws prevent leaks.

Only roof tile resistant to hail

Additives that resist flames 

Can withstand hurricane winds

Can be used on curved roofs

Cleans itself during snow and rain

Thermal Insulating Formula

Inspired by the same technology used on space shuttles our proprietary roof tiles are developed using nano technology. Not only does this improve UV resistance, but it also provides thermal insulation.


Made from Recycled Materials

Produces Less CO2

Increases Energy Efficiency

Withstands temperatures -40º to 140º F


The Clay Look at
Half The Cost

Coating Application Examples

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